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days 'til Christmas!
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Bear Pawsibilities

    This site is dedicated to teddy bears. From miniatures to life-size, no one can resist them. I doubt anyone has forgetten their first one.
    I have always loved teddybears but it wasn't until I started making them that I truly appreciated them. I don't have a lot of teddy bears or teddy bear stuff... YET, but I have a few things. I have a beautiful bear, Ileana, that I bought at a bear show. My mother-in-law brought me back a bear from her recent trip to the United Kingdom, he's a cute little guy dressed in a London Tower soldier's uniform. And my good friend Larry got me the cutest angel bear holding a lacy heart that I've seen in awhile.
    I am also a big Winnie-the-Pooh fan too. I love all the characters but I especially love Eeyore. That sad, grey donkey is just so endearing.

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Find lots of crafts, clipart and more for Thanksgiving, Chanakkah and Christmas at the Hollow!