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About Me

     My name is Nancy. I am married to Bill, and we have a beautiful *gulp* four year old daughter named Caitlin. We live in a huge 4-bedroom apartment in northern New Jersey that we share with Caitlin's goldfish Caitie and Erin and Thumper the Hamster (as named by Caitlin). We also live with my betta fish (which is still nameless) and Goober, my Egyptian spiny mouse .
     I work as a part-time newspaper reporter for a paper called The South Bergenite. We serve south Bergen County and one town in Hudson County with a circulation of more than 30,000. Bill is a computer programmer, currently working as a consultant. Caitlin goes to Sacred Heart School and is in the PreK 4 year olds program there.
     I grew up in central New Hampshire, then after a three years of being a nanny and a brief stint living in central Illinois with my great aunt I moved to New Jersey to be with Bill. We got engaged in October of 1993 (on the night his parents renewed their wedding vows) and, because I needed health insurance, we were married on Nov. 30, 1993. Caitlin was born in September of 1995.
     While in NJ, I have worked as a nanny, in a bakery, as a temp, and did data entry while gaining desktop publishing skills in Grand Union's advertising department for nearly three years. From Grand Union I moved onto the newspaper, where I worked as a full-time staff reporter before going to part-time and finally leaving the paper to spend time with Caitlin.
     That worked out for a few months but by late winter this year it was clear that Caitlin needed to be in school so we signed her up at the Good Shepard School, a Montessori school. She stayed there until September when we moved her to Small Blessings, the preschool and kindergarten program at Sacred Heart School in Lyndhurst.
    In June of this year I went back to the newspaper as a stringer and am now working there as a part-time staff writer again. You can read my computer column Geek Speak online, with the most current column and archive of all the previous columns.