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days 'til Christmas!
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Such a lovable face!

     This is my one and only collector bear Ileana. I probably paid way too much money for her but I didn't care at the time. I wouldn't have gotten her if I hadn't picked her up the second time, but as soon as I picked her up I knew I had to buy her.
     What makes this bear so special, and why I fell in love with her, is that when you hold
the bear you feel like you are holding a baby. The body of the bear is weighted with bean bag beads. According to the artist, it took a whole day just to stuff the head properly. As a fellow bearmaker, I can really respect that kind of attention to detail.
     So, Ileana sits on the top shelf in the corner of the living room with her bottle full of baby powder. She is surrounded by a bunch of mystical Ty Beanie Babies and the really cute Teenie Beanies from McDonald's, one of the first bears that I made, and a bear my mother-in-law got for me on her trip to England.